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Updates on Delta Variant COVID-19 Testing For Patient and Workplace Safety

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Now more than ever, COVID-19 testing is of the utmost importance to keep patients and workplaces safe. In particular, Delta variant COVID-19 testing is incredibly critical as the globe grapples with this new variant of COVID. 

The CDC recently released that in late June 2021, America’s 7-day moving average of reported cases was around 12,000. On July 27, the 7-day moving average of cases reached over 60,000. They state that this case rate looks more like the rate of cases seen before the vaccine was widely available.

The CDC has also reported that:

  • The Delta variant is more contagious: The Delta variant is highly contagious, nearly twice as contagious as previous variants.

Some data suggest the Delta variant might cause more severe illness than previous strains in unvaccinated persons. In two different studies from Canada and Scotland, patients infected with the Delta variant were more likely to be hospitalized than patients infected with Alpha or the original virus strains.

What is the Delta Variant?

So, what exactly is the Delta variant? While there are over 200 variants of the COVID-19 virus so far, the CDC has reported four notable variants in the United States:

  • Alpha (B.1.1.7)
  • Beta (B 1.351)
  • Gamma (P.1)
  • Delta (B 1.617.2)

These variants are notable because they spread more rapidly and aggressively than the original virus.

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Issues Caused by the Delta Variant 

Unfortunately, the recent surge in Delta variant cases across the country have resulted in longer wait times for COVID test results. As reported by The Wall Street Journal, “the nation’s Covid-19 testing infrastructure, from health systems and pharmacies to diagnostic labs, are racing to keep up as the highly contagious Delta variant spreads in many parts of the country. Workplace testing requirements and revised federal guidelines recommending that vaccinated people exposed to Covid-19 get tested could be adding to the demand.

Delayed results can hamper efforts to contain the spread of the virus and interfere with attendance at work, school or other activities that require proof of a negative test. Testing shortages and logjams complicated efforts to contain Covid-19 surges last year.”

With wait times to receive delta testing results increasing across the nation, now is the time to secure a testing partner to ensure patient and employee safety by delivering fast turnaround times on delta variant COVID-19 testing.

Delivering Faster Turnaround Times for the Delta Variant Test Results

At Drugscan, our ViraScan laboratory offers premier testing capabilities, as well as faster than industry average turnaround time for COVID-19 tests, including Delta variant testing. With an average turnaround time of 15 hours or less, our real-time PCR testing for COVID-19 we can help supply you with the critical information you need to make the safest choices to ensure the health of your workplace. 

Drugscan is a national toxicology and infectious disease testing laboratory that partners with organizations and providers for healthier lives and safer workplaces. With over 35 years of experience in toxicology testing via their CAP-accredited and SAMHSA-certified laboratory, Drugscan provides prescription drug and addiction monitoring, specialized drug testing, and workplace drug testing, screening and program management services to clients in 48 states. 

Visit our service page to learn more about our ViraScan COVID-19 testing capabilities.

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