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Oral Fluid Testing. It’s Here. It’s Now.

We are all prone to experience anxiety as a result of disruptions COVID‐19 has had on our daily lives; uncertainty about the future, loneliness, depression induced by social distancing; and grief from the illness places those at risk of addiction or relapse in even greater jeopardy.

The pandemic may not only increase the extent and severity of some addictive disorders, testing to identify those in need of treatment is suffering from restrictions in face‐to‐face specimen collection and other safeguards. There is an urgent need to rethink the mainstream approach, and coordinate efforts to mitigate these problems. In preserving human lives, it’s time for us to recognize that lesser-used methods, such as oral fluid testing, is the new face of testing, identifying, and ultimately treating those in dire need.

This transition cannot unfold gradually. It’s critical that we gain a wider acceptance of the benefits of oral fluid testing such as flexibility, efficiency, specimen purity, and its window of detection. And at DRUGSCAN we are proud to bring our expertise to the forefront in the battle against addiction, and substance abuse.

These are critical times that present vast challenges to humanity, and particularly to vulnerable populations world‐wide—and how we navigate them will have an unprecedented impact on human lives now and in the future.

DRUGSCAN is a long-standing toxicology laboratory, and a leading pioneer in the emerging field of Abuse Deterrent Assessments that provides toxicology testing, medication monitoring, drug detection services for employers, DOT-mandated programs, law-enforcement agencies, coroners, medical examiners, substance-abuse rehabilitation facilities, and clinicians.